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Location codes 1-9 of 9 in San José, Costa Rica:

ICAO  IATA  Location
MRPV SYQ San José (Pavas) [Tobías Bolaños Intl], San José, CR
MRAL Santa Elena (Altomonte) [General Viejo], San José, CR
MRSF Perez Zeledon [Santa Fe], San José, CR
MRCJ San Isidro [Cajuela], Pérez Zeledón, San José, CR
MRSE San José (Los Obando) [Hospital CIMA], San José, CR
MRSI San Isidro d El General [Pérez Zeledón], San José, CR
MRLO Escazu [La Loma], San José, CR
MRHB Metropolitan Area [Helibancosta], San José, CR
(MRSJ) San José (La Villanea) [La Sabana], San José, CR (Airport is no longer in operation)



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