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Location codes 1-17 of 17 in Yunnan, China:

ICAO  IATA  Location
ZPPP KMG Kunming [Kunming Changshui Intl], Yunnan, CN
ZPLJ LJG Lijiang [Lijiang Sanyi Airport], Yunnan, CN
ZPJH JHG Jinghong [Xishuangbanna Gasa Intl (Jinghong Intl)], Yunnan, CN
ZPMS LUM Mang City [Dehong Mangshi Airport (Luxi Mangshi Airport)], Dehong, Yunnan, CN
ZPSM SYM Simao [Pu'er Simao Airport], Pu'er City, Yunnan, CN
ZPDL DLU Xiaguan (Dali City) [Dali], Yunnan, CN
ZPDQ DIG Shangri-La (Xianggelila, Zhongdian, Gyalthang) [Dqn Shangri-La Airport (Dqng Xiangglila)], Yunnan, CN
ZPCW CWJ Cangyuan [Washan Airport], Cangyuan Va Autonomous County, Lincang, Yunnan, CN
ZPWS WNH Wenshan (Yanshan County) [Wenshan Puzhehei Airport], Yunnan, CN
ZPBS BSD Baoshan, Yunnan, CN
ZPZT ZAT Zhaotong, Yunnan, CN
ZPTC TCZ Tengchong (Tuofeng) [Tengchong Tuofeng Airport], Yunnan, CN
ZPNL NLH Ninglang (Lugu Lake, Luguhu) [Ninglang Luguhu Airport], Yunnan, CN
ZPYM YUA Yuanmou [Yuanmou Airport], Yunnan, CN
ZPLC LNJ Lincang (Boshang), Yunnan, CN
ZPJM JMJ Lancang [Jingmai Airport], Yunnan, CN
(ZPPP) (KMG) Kunming [Kunming Wujiaba Intl], Yunnan, CN (Airport is no longer in operation)



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