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Location codes 1-11 of 11 in Liaoning, China:

ICAO  IATA  Location
ZYTX SHE Shenyang [Taoxian Intl], Liaoning, CN
ZYTL DLC Dalian [Zhoushuizi Intl], Liaoning, CN
ZYJZ JNZ Jinzhou [Jinzhou Bay Airport], Liaoning, CN
ZYAS AOG Anshan [Anshan AB], Liaoning, CN
ZYCH CNI Changhai, Liaoning, CN
ZYCY CHG Chaoyang, Liaoning, CN
ZYDD DDG Dandong, Liaoning, CN
ZYYK YKH Yingkou [Yingkou Lanqi Airport], Liaoning, CN
ZYXC XEN Xingcheng, Liaoning, CN
ZYYY Shenyang [Dongta], Liaoning, CN
(ZYJZ) (JNZ) Jinzhou [Jinzhou Xiaolingzi Airport], Liaoning, CN (Airport is no longer in operation)



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