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Location codes 1-20 of 42 in Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire):

ICAO  IATA  Location
FZQA FBM Lubumbashi [Intl (Luano, Elisabethville Airport)], Katanga, CD
FZRF FMI Kalemie [Kalemie Airport], Katanga, CD
FZRB BDV Moba [Moba Airport], Katanga, CD
FZSA KMN Kamina [Kamina AB], Katanga, CD
FZQM KWZ Kolwezi [Kolwezi Airport], Katanga, CD
FZSJ Kasaji, Katanga, CD
FZRM KBO Kabalo, Katanga, CD
FZRD Kabombo, Katanga, CD
FZQU Lubudi, Katanga, CD
FZRA MNO Manono [Manono Airport], Katanga, CD
FZSK KAP Kapanga [Kapanga Airport], Katanga, CD
KIL Kilwa [Kilwa Airport], Katanga, CD
FZQH Katwe, Katanga, CD
FZSC Songa, Katanga, CD
FZQG KEC Kasenga [Kasenga Airport], Katanga, CD
FZQO Lubumbashi [Karavia], Katanga, CD
FZQV Mitwaba, Katanga, CD
FZSI Dilolo, Katanga, CD
FZSB Kamina [Kamina Airport (Kamina Ville Airport)], Katanga, CD
FZQW Luishi, Katanga, CD

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