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Location codes 41-56 of 56 in Bandundu, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire):

ICAO  IATA  Location
FZCF Kahemba, Bandundu, CD
FZBW Basengele, Bandundu, CD
FZDB Kimbau, Bandundu, CD
FZCS Kenge [Kenge Airport], Bandundu, CD
FZDQ Mazelele, Bandundu, CD
FZCT Fatundu, Bandundu, CD
FZDO Moanza, Bandundu, CD
FZCP Popokabaka, Bandundu, CD
FZBF Bonkita, Bandundu, CD
FZBS Semendua, Bandundu, CD
FZBV Kempile, Bandundu, CD
FZBL Djokele, Bandundu, CD
FZBQ Bindja, Bandundu, CD
FZDL Kolokoso, Bandundu, CD
FZCN Lunkuni, Bandundu, CD
FZDM Masamuna, Bandundu, CD

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