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Location codes 81-100 of 318 in Québec, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CZBM ZBM Bromont [Roland-Désourdy Airport], Québec, CA
CZEM ZEM Eastmain [Eastmain River], Québec, CA
CYHH YNS Némiscau, Québec, CA
CYRJ YRJ Roberval [Roberval Airport], Québec, CA
CYTF YTF Alma, Québec, CA
CWEO Lac Eon (MAPS), Québec, CA
CYXK YXK Rimouski [Rimouski Airport], Québec, CA
YAU CTP9 Kattiniq (Raglan Mines) [Kattiniq/Donaldson Airport], Québec, CA
CYMW YMW Maniwaki [Maniwaki Airport], Québec, CA
CYTQ YTQ Tasiujuaq, Québec, CA
CYNM YNM Matagami [Matagami Airport], Québec, CA
XEE Lac Édouard [Railway Station], Québec, CA
CST3 Montréal [St-Lazare], Québec, CA
XPX Pointe-aux-Trembles [Railway Station], Québec, CA
CWBY Port Menier (MARS), Québec, CA
CSP6 Montréal [Montréal/Aéroparc Île Perrot], Québec, CA
CYLP YLP Mingan, Québec, CA
CTG2 Montréal [Saint-Hubert Heli-Inter Heliport], Québec, CA
CYME YME Matane [Matane Airport], Québec, CA
YKU CSU2 Chisasibi [Chisasibi Airport], Québec, CA

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