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Location codes 141-160 of 611 in Ontario, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
XIP Woodstock [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XPN Brampton [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XID Maxville [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
CYTB Tillsonburg [Tillsonburg Airport], Ontario, CA
XDX Sarnia [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
CWBI Britt (MARS), Ontario, CA
XAW Capreol [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XZB Casselman [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XFV Brantford [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
CWDV Upsala (MARS), Ontario, CA
XWA Watford [Railway Service], Ontario, CA
CYKM Kincardine [Kincardine Airport], Ontario, CA
CWET Egbert (MAPS), Ontario, CA
CWYW Armstrong (MARS), Ontario, CA
CWSI Simcoe (MARS), Ontario, CA
CWAB Trowbridge (MAPS), Ontario, CA
CWBE Killarney (MAPS), Ontario, CA
XZC Glencoe [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
CWNZ Nagagami (MARS), Ontario, CA
XTY Strathroy (Strathroy-Caradoc) [Railway Station], Ontario, CA

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