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Location codes 121-140 of 611 in Ontario, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CNM2 Melbourne, Ontario, CA
YAX CKB6 Wapekeka (Angling Lake) [Wapekeka Airport], Ontario, CA
WNN CKL3 Wunnumin Lake, Ontario, CA
CYMY Ear Falls [Ear Falls Airport], Ontario, CA
XLV Niagara Falls [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XIO St. Marys [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XLY Burlington [Aldershot Station], Ontario, CA
KIF CNM5 Kingfisher Lake, Ontario, CA
CWWX Cove Island (MAPS), Ontario, CA
XIF Napanee [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XVV Belleville [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
CWQP Point Petre (MARS), Ontario, CA
XFD Stratford [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
XDY Sudbury [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
CWWZ Port Weller (MARS), Ontario, CA
CYPT Pelee [Pelee Island Airport], Ontario, CA
CWCU Barrie (MARS), Ontario, CA
YMI CJA6 Minaki, Ontario, CA
CWNC Cobourg (MARS), Ontario, CA
XII Prescott [Railway Station], Ontario, CA

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