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Location codes 41-60 of 346 in Alberta, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
JHL CAL4 Fort MacKay [Albian Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CKC4 Calgary [K. Coffey Residence Heliport], Alberta, CA
CYSD YSD Suffield, Alberta, CA
CEL2 Calgary [Calgary City/Bow River Heliport], Alberta, CA
CYCT YCT Coronation [Coronation Airport], Alberta, CA
CYWM Athabasca [Athabasca Airport], Alberta, CA
CWRY CEW5 Milk River, Alberta, CA
CEP2 Calgary [Calgary Bow Crow Heliport], Alberta, CA
CYBP Brooks [Brooks Regional Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CEH4 De Winton (South Calgary), Alberta, CA
ZFW CEB5 Fairview [Fairview Airport], Alberta, CA
COK2 Okotoks [Calgary/Okotoks GG Ranch Heliport], Alberta, CA
CWVO CEN6 Vauxhall, Alberta, CA
CWAV CFN7 Sundre, Alberta, CA
CYWV Wainwright [Wainwright Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
TIL CFQ4 Cheadle [Cheadle Airport], Alberta, CA
CSH3 Calgary [Calgary South Health Campus Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA
XDH Jasper [Railway Station], Alberta, CA
CEH2 Cu Nim, Alberta, CA
CCR7 Castor [Castor Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA

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