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Location codes 21-40 of 346 in Alberta, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CYBA YBA Banff, Alberta, CA
CYRM YRM Rocky Mountain House [Rocky Mountain House Airport], Alberta, CA
CYPY YPY Fort Chipewyan [Fort Chipewyan Airport], Alberta, CA
CVFT Flattop [LO], Alberta, CA
CYJA YJA Jasper [Jasper Airport], Alberta, CA
XZL Edmonton [Railway Station], Alberta, CA
CEM2 Calgary [Calgary Rockyview Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA
CYYM YYM Cowley [Cowley Airport], Alberta, CA
CYET YET Edson [Edson Airport], Alberta, CA
YGC CEQ5 Grande Cache, Alberta, CA
CYZU YZU Whitecourt [Whitecourt Airport], Alberta, CA
CYOP YOP Rainbow Lake, Alberta, CA
CYVG YVG Vermilion, Alberta, CA
CYFI YFI Fort MacKay [Firebag Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CYBF YBY Bonnyville [Bonnyville Airport], Alberta, CA
CYNR HZP Fort MacKay [Horizon Airport], Alberta, CA
NML CER4 Fort McMurray [Mildred Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CWRM Rocky House (MARS), Alberta, CA
YDC CER3 Drayton Valley [Drayton Valley Industrial Airport], Alberta, CA
CZPC WPC Pincher Creek [Pincher Creek Airport], Alberta, CA

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