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Location codes 181-200 of 346 in Alberta, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CFT9 Zama Lake [Zama Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CFF7 Camp Wainwright Field, Alberta, CA
CEQ3 Camrose, Alberta, CA
CEK6 Killam-Sedgewick, Alberta, CA
CFQ3 Milk River [Milk River (Madge) Airport], Alberta, CA
CEJ3 Stettler [Stettler Airport], Alberta, CA
CDJ5 Strathmore [D.J. Murray Airport], Alberta, CA
CRL4 Kirby Lake [Kirby Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CAP9 Strathmore [Strathmore (Appleton Field) Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CLA5 Lethbridge [Anderson Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFK6 Olds/Netook, Alberta, CA
CEH5 Red Earth Creek [Red Earth Creek Airport], Alberta, CA
CFL2 McNeill [Conoco Phillips], Alberta, CA
CRD5 Red Deer [Truant Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFX8 Chestermere [Chestermere (Kirkby Field) Airport], Alberta, CA
CFP7 Wainwright [Field 21], Alberta, CA
CFV2 Beiseker [Beiseker Airport], Alberta, CA
CFV3 Mobil Bistcho, Alberta, CA
CSP3 Stony Plain [Stony Plain (Lichtner Farms) Airport], Alberta, CA
CEG2 Acme, Alberta, CA

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