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Location codes 1-13 of 13 in Hainaut, Belgium:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EBCI CRL Charleroi [Brussels South Charleroi Airport], Hainaut, BE
EBCV Chièvres, Hainaut, BE
EBCS Chimay [Saint-Remy], Hainaut, BE
EBSG Saint-Ghislain, Hainaut, BE
EBMT Montigny-le-Tilleul, Hainaut, BE
EBCH Casteau (Les Bruyères) [SHAPE Pad Heliport], Hainaut, BE
EBTY Tournai [Maubray], Hainaut, BE
EBIS Ath [Isières], Hainaut, BE
EBPW Pecq [Warcoing], Hainaut, BE
EBAM Amougies, Hainaut, BE
EBTR Trazegnies, Courcelles, Hainaut, BE
EBBA Baudour, Hainaut, BE
EB25 Pont-à-Celles [Buzet], Hainaut, BE



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