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Location codes 1-12 of 12 in Chubut, Argentina:

ICAO  IATA  Location
SAVC CRD Comodoro Rivadavia [General Enrique Mosconi Intl], Chubut, AR
SAVT REL Trelew [Almirante Zar], Chubut, AR
SAVE EQS Esquel, Chubut, AR
SAVY PMY Puerto Madryn [El Tehuelche], Chubut, AR
SAVR ARR Alto Río Senguerr [Alto Río Senguerr Airport (D. Casimiro Szlapelis Airport)], Chubut, AR
SAWM ROY Río Mayo, Chubut, AR
SAWS JSM José de San Martín, Chubut, AR
SAVD EMX El Maitén, Chubut, AR
SAVP Paso de Indios, Chubut, AR
SAVM Sarmiento [Lago Muster], Chubut, AR
OLN Colonia Sarmiento, Chubut, AR
SAZK Villa Catedral [Cerro Catedral Heliport], Chubut, AR



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