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Location codes 1-10 of 10 in Tverskaya, Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Location
UUEM KLD Tver (Kalinin, Mikhailovo) [Migalovo], Tverskaya, RU
UUAK Rzhev (Kompressornaya), Tverskaya, RU
UUTO Orlovka, Tverskaya, RU
UUBN Tver (Kalinin) [Zmeyevo Airport], Tverskaya, RU
UUEI Kimry [Borki Airport (Borky Airport, Kletino Airport)], Tverskaya, RU
UUTS Staricza, Tverskaya, RU
UUEY Yur'evskoe [Volzhanka Airport], Tverskaya, RU
UUEL Konakovo, Tverskaya, RU
UUTQ Sverdlovka, Tverskaya, RU
UUAN Torzhok, Tverskaya, RU



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