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Location codes 1-10 of 10 near location LMC (2°10'24"N 73°47'10"W) omitting 6 locations of other types (show all types):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SKNA LMC La Macarena [La Macarena Airport], Meta, CO
SKYA AYG San Vicente del Caguán [Yaguara Airport], Caquetá, CO (44 mi / 71 km S)
SKSV SVI San Vicente del Caguán [Eduardo Falla Solano Airport], Caquetá, CO (68 mi / 109 km W)
SKUB URI La Uribe [La Uribe Airport], Meta, CO (83 mi / 133 km NW)
LAT La Uribe, Meta, CO (83 mi / 133 km NW)
SKLL Puerto Lleras (La Esperanza) [Lomalinda Airport], Meta, CO (83 mi / 134 km N)
SKSJ SJE San José del Guaviare [Jorge Enrique González Torres Airport], Guaviare, CO (84 mi / 135 km E)
SKCH Cartagena del Chairá [El Pacífico Airport], Caquetá, CO (92 mi / 148 km SW)
SKNV NVA Neiva [Benito Salas Airport], Huila, CO (117 mi / 188 km NW)
SK53 Yaguarito, CO (121 mi / 195 km N)



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