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Location codes 1-17 of 17 near location ELP (31°48'26"N 106°22'35"W) omitting 5 locations of other types (show all types):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
44A San Luis [Rolle Airfield], Arizona, US (490 mi / 789 km W)
56CL Blythe [Morris Ag Air SW Airport], California, US (495 mi / 796 km W)
UAC MM76 San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, MX (496 mi / 798 km W)
CN98 Palo Verde [Walter's Camp Airport], California, US (496 mi / 799 km W)
KBLH BLH BLH Blythe, California, US (502 mi / 807 km W)
MMSF SFH San Felipe [Intl], Baja California, MX (502 mi / 808 km W)
CTV MM23 Cataviña [Rancho Santa Inés Airstrip], Baja California, MX (515 mi / 829 km W)
MMML MXL Mexicali [General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada Intl], Baja California, MX (522 mi / 840 km W)
L04 Holtville, California, US (525 mi / 845 km W)
72CL Desert Center [Iron Mountain Pumping Plant Airport], California, US (532 mi / 857 km W)
CN64 Desert Center, California, US (538 mi / 865 km W)
KCXL CXL CXL Calexico [Intl], California, US (538 mi / 867 km W)
23CN El Centro [Douthitt Strip], California, US (540 mi / 869 km W)
KBWC BWC BWC Brawley [Muni], California, US (540 mi / 870 km W)
KCLR CLR CLR Calipatria [Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport], California, US (542 mi / 872 km W)
KIPL IPL IPL Imperial [Imperial County Airport], California, US (543 mi / 874 km W)
KNJK NJK NJK El Centro [NAF El Centro (Vraciu Field)], California, US (548 mi / 882 km W)



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