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Location codes 1-20 of 50 near location DXB (2515'10"N 5521'52"E):

ICAO  IATA  Location
NTGV MVT Mataiva, PF (9323 nm / 17266 km E)
NTTE TTI Tetiaroa, Society Islands, PF (9335 nm / 17287 km E)
NTTM MOZ Moorea [Temae], Society Islands, PF (9337 nm / 17291 km E)
NTAR RUR Rurutu, Tubuai Islands, Austral Islands, PF (9339 nm / 17295 km E)
NTAA PPT Papeete [Faa'a], Tahiti, Society Islands, PF (9346 nm / 17309 km E)
NTGC TIH Tikehau Atoll, PF (9355 nm / 17325 km E)
NTTG RGI Rangiroa, Tuamotu Islands, PF (9379 nm / 17370 km E)
NEMO Pacific Ocean [Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility (Point Nemo)] (9384 nm / 17380 km S)
NTHE AHE Ahe, PF (9433 nm / 17470 km NE)
NTGK KKR Kaukura Atoll, PF (9439 nm / 17480 km E)
NTGU AXR Arutua, PF (9440 nm / 17483 km E)
NTGI XMH Manihi, PF (9443 nm / 17488 km NE)
NTAT TUB Tubuai, Tubuai Islands, Austral Islands, PF (9449 nm / 17500 km E)
NTGD APK Apataki, Tuamotu Islands, PF (9460 nm / 17520 km E)
NTKN NIU Niau (Tupana) [Niau Airport], PF (9478 nm / 17553 km E)
NTMD NHV Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, PF (9481 nm / 17558 km NE)
NTGT TKP Takapoto, PF (9492 nm / 17579 km NE)
NTKR TKX Takaroa, PF (9494 nm / 17584 km NE)
NTKK RKA Aratika (Paparara) [Aratika Nord Airport], Aratika Atoll, PF (9505 nm / 17603 km NE)
NTGR Aratika, PF (9508 nm / 17608 km NE)

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