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Location codes 1-11 of 11 in Petén, Guatemala:

ICAO  IATA  Location
MGMM FRS Flores (Santa Elena) [Mundo Maya Intl (Flores Intl)], Petén, GT
MCR Melchor de Mencos, Petén, GT
MGLL La Libertad, Petén, GT
PCG Paso Caballos, Petén, GT
DON Dos Lagunas, Petén, GT
MGCR CMM Carmelita, Petén, GT
MGPP PON Poptún, Petén, GT
MGPI Petén Itza [Petén Itza Airport], Petén, GT
MGDL Dos Lagunas [Dos Lagunas Airport], Petén, GT
UAX Uaxactún, Petén, GT
MGTK Flores (Santa Elena) [Mundo Maya Intl (Flores Intl)], Petén, GT (Code changed to MGMM)



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