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Location codes 1-12 of 12 in Meta, Colombia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
SKAP API Apiay (Villavicencio) [Captain Luis Fernando Gómez Niño AB], Meta, CO
SKVV VVC Villavicencio [Vanguardia Airport], Meta, CO
SKOL Puerto López [La Reforma Airport], Meta, CO
BAC Barranca de Upía [Guadalito Airport], Meta, CO
SKCI CCO Puerto López [Carimagua], Meta, CO
SKNA LMC La Macarena [La Macarena Airport], Meta, CO
SKUB URI La Uribe [La Uribe Airport], Meta, CO
LAT La Uribe, Meta, CO
ELJ El Recreo, Meta, CO
SKPG Puerto Gaitan, Meta, CO
SKLL Puerto Lleras (La Esperanza) [Lomalinda Airport], Meta, CO
GMC Guerima, Meta, CO



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