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Location codes 141-160 of 206 in Zimbabwe:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FVMC Hwange Main Camp, ZW
FVMH Mahenye, ZW
FVMI Mubayira, ZW
FVML Milibizi, ZW
FVMM Mahamara, ZW
FVMY Mityana, ZW
FVMZ Marshlands, ZW
FVNA Spesbona, ZW
FVNJ Nyajena, ZW
FVNK Nkayi, ZW
FVNN Sunnyside, ZW
FVNT Nottingham, ZW
FVNV Nellievale, ZW
FVNZ Ngezi, ZW
FVOG Orange Grove, ZW
FVOM Domavale, ZW
FVON Sosonya, ZW
FVPY Pitlockry, ZW
FVPZ Pedzapasi, ZW
FVRB Barberton, ZW

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