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Location codes 81-100 of 206 in Zimbabwe:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FVCM Cam+Motor, Mashonaland West, ZW
FV76 Kwekwe East, Midlands, ZW
GC0071 Unknown, Mashonaland West, ZW
FVAM Samba, ZW
FVAP Sampa, ZW
FVAR Charter, ZW
FVAT At Last, ZW
FVBA Kanyemba, ZW
FVBC Broadacres, ZW
FVBD Bindura, ZW
FVBK Bushy Park, ZW
FVBR Brondesbury, ZW
FVBV Blackmorevale, ZW
FVBY Bubye, ZW
FVCI Chinoyi, ZW
FVCJ Chenje, ZW
FVCK Chikwenya, ZW
FVCO Chewore, ZW
FVCT Chete, ZW
FVCW Chikwarakwara, ZW

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