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Location codes 41-60 of 206 in Zimbabwe:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FVGM FV77 Mhangura [Mhangura Airport], Mashonaland West, ZW
FVMB Mashumbi, Mashonaland Central, ZW
FVLU Lusulu, Matabeleland North, ZW
FVRU Rusape, Manicaland, ZW
FVMA Marondera [Marondera Airport], Mashonaland East, ZW
FVSY Siyalima, Mashonaland Central, ZW
FVHP Home Park, Mashonaland East, ZW
FVKA Karoi, Mashonaland West, ZW
FVKW Mkwasine, Masvingo, ZW
FVCR Chizarira, Matabeleland North, ZW
FVGD Gwanda, Matabeleland South, ZW
FVIN Induna, Matabeleland North, ZW
FVDU Dudley, Mashonaland East, ZW
FVRT Rutenga, Masvingo, ZW
FVTS Tsholothso, Matabeleland North, ZW
FVTD Tinfields, Masvingo, ZW
FVZC Zisco, Midlands, ZW
FVTJ Tonje, Manicaland, ZW
FVCV Chivu, Midlands, ZW
FVLA Langford, Mashonaland East, ZW

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