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Location codes 41-51 of 51 in Vietnam:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
XVL Vinh Long [Vinh Long Airfield], VN
GC0077 Spratly Island (Truong Sa, Storm Island, Nanwei Island) [Truong Sa Airport], Spratly Islands, VN
(VVLT) Ho Chi Minh City (Long Thanh) [Long Thanh Intl], VN (Airport has not yet opened)
(VVPQ) (PQC) Ph Quc (Duong Dang) [Ph Quc Airport (Duong Dang Airport)], VN (Airport is no longer in operation)
VV03 Hai Phong (Haiphong) [Kien An], VN
VV02 Bien Hoa, VN
VV01 Bai Thuong, VN
VVNT Nha Trang, VN (Code changed to VVNT.OLD)
VVAL Anloc, VN
VVCB Caobang, VN
VVLK Lakay, VN

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