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Location codes 501-520 of 20335 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KFFT FFT FFT Frankfort [Capital City Airport], Kentucky, US
KLNS LNS LNS Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US
KNID NID China Lake [NAWS China Lake (Armitage Field)], California, US
KCGZ CGZ CGZ Casa Grande [Muni], Arizona, US
KPCW PCW Port Clinton [Erie-Ottawa Intl], Ohio, US
KTCL TCL TCL Tuscaloosa [Tuscaloosa NTL Airport], Alabama, US
KBHB BHB BHB Bar Harbor [Hancock County/Bar Harbor Airport], Maine, US
KABY ABY ABY Albany [Southwest Georgia Regional], Georgia, US
KMEV MEV MEV Minden [Minden-Tahoe Airport], Nevada, US
KLGU LGU LGU Logan [Logan-Cache Airport], Utah, US
KLBF LBF LBF North Platte [North Platte Regional/Lee Bird Field], Nebraska, US
KBAK CLU BAK Columbus [Muni], Indiana, US
KSJT SJT SJT San Angelo [San Angelo Regional/Mathis Field], Texas, US
KFOE FOE FOE Topeka [Topeka Regional], Kansas, US
KBKV BKV Brooksville [Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional], Florida, US
KTWM TWM Two Harbors [Richard B Helgeson Airport], Minnesota, US
KFSM FSM FSM Fort Smith [Fort Smith Regional], Arkansas, US
KILN ILN ILN Wilmington [Wilmington Air Park], Ohio, US
KBVY BVY Beverly [Beverly Regional], Massachusetts, US
KYKM YKM YKM Yakima [Yakima Air Terminal/McAllister Field], Washington, US

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