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Location codes 501-520 of 20160 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KMTN MTN MTN Baltimore [Martin State Airport], Maryland, US
KFLO FLO FLO Florence [Florence Regional], South Carolina, US
KWHP WHP WHP Los Angeles [Whiteman Airport], California, US
KCRG CRG CRG Jacksonville [Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig], Florida, US
KRKD RKD RKD Rockland [Knox County Regional], Maine, US
KTTS TTS Titusville [NASA Shuttle Landing Facility Airport (John F. Kennedy Space Center)], Florida, US
KCEC CEC CEC Crescent City [Jack McNamara Field], California, US
(KCGX) (CGX) Chicago [Merrill C. Meigs Airport], Illinois, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
KCIC CIC CIC Chico [Muni], California, US
KUZA RKH UZA Rock Hill [Rock Hill/York Co./Bryant Field], South Carolina, US
KBLU BLU BLU Emigrant Gap [Blue Canyon - Nyack Airport], California, US
HGZ 2AK6 Hogatza [Hog River Airport], Alaska, US
KCWA CWA CWA Mosinee [Central Wisconsin Airport], Wisconsin, US
KTVF TVF TVF Thief River Falls [Thief River Falls Regional], Minnesota, US
KCOF COF COF Cocoa Beach [Patrick AFB], Florida, US
KOKH ODW OKH Oak Harbor [Aj Eisenberg Airport], Washington, US
KAGC AGC AGC Pittsburgh [Allegheny County Airport], Pennsylvania, US
KBFF BFF BFF Scottsbluff [Western Nebraska Regional/William B Heilig Field], Nebraska, US
KFOE FOE FOE Topeka [Topeka Regional], Kansas, US
TJFA FAJ X95 Fajardo [Diego Jiménez Torres Airport], Puerto Rico, US

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