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Location codes 481-500 of 20335 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PABE BET BET Bethel, Alaska, US
KAGC AGC AGC Pittsburgh [Allegheny County Airport], Pennsylvania, US
KLSF LSF LSF Fort Benning (Columbus) [Lawson AAF Airport (Fort Benning)], Georgia, US
KDRT DRT DRT Del Rio [Intl], Texas, US
KMCN MCN MCN Macon [Middle Georgia Regional], Georgia, US
KHWD HWD HWD Hayward [Hayward Exec Airport], California, US
TSS 6N5 New York [East 34th Street Heliport], New York, US
PAMR MRI MRI Anchorage [Merrill Field], Alaska, US
PAAT ATU ATU Attu [Casco Cove CGS Airport], Alaska, US
KSCK SCK SCK Stockton [Stockton Metro Airport], California, US
PAOT OTZ OTZ Kotzebue [Ralph Wien Memorial Airport], Alaska, US
KEAT EAT EAT Wenatchee [Pangborn Memorial Airport], Washington, US
KGUS GUS GUS Peru [Grissom ARB], Indiana, US
KMPV MPV MPV Barre/Montpelier [Edward F Knapp State Airport], Vermont, US
KNFW FWH NFW Fort Worth [Fort Worth NAS JRB Airport (Carswell Field)], Texas, US
KSEZ SDX SEZ Sedona, Arizona, US
KMER MER MER Atwater (Merced) [Castle Airport], California, US
KLMT LMT LMT Klamath Falls [Crater Lake/Klamath Regional], Oregon, US
KUDD UDD UDD Palm Springs [Bermuda Dunes Airport], California, US
KRYM RYM Camp Ripley [Ray S Miller AAF Airport], Minnesota, US

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