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Location codes 481-500 of 20160 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KHSA HSA Bay St. Louis [Stennis Intl], Mississippi, US
KDKX DKX Knoxville [Knoxville Downtown Island Airport], Tennessee, US
KTWF TWF TWF Twin Falls [Joslin Field - Magic Valley Regional], Idaho, US
KEDW EDW EDW Edwards [Edwards AFB], California, US
PABE BET BET Bethel, Alaska, US
KJWN JWN Nashville [John C Tune Airport], Tennessee, US
KYKM YKM YKM Yakima [Yakima Air Terminal/McAllister Field], Washington, US
KPGV PGV PGV Greenville [Pitt-Greenville Airport], North Carolina, US
KLYH LYH LYH Lynchburg [Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field], Virginia, US
KLCQ LCQ Lake City [Lake City Gateway Airport], Florida, US
KAVQ AVW AVQ Marana [Marana Regional], Arizona, US
KBPT BPT BPT Beaumont/Port Arthur [Jack Brooks Regional], Texas, US
KIFP IFP IFP Bullhead City [Laughlin/Bullhead Intl], Arizona, US
KCCR CCR CCR Concord [Buchanan Field], California, US
KSAC SAC SAC Sacramento [Sacramento Executive Airport], California, US
KFSM FSM FSM Fort Smith [Fort Smith Regional], Arkansas, US
KPUJ PUJ Atlanta (Dallas) [Silver Comet Field at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport], Georgia, US
KLVK LVK LVK Livermore [Muni], California, US
KTDO TDO TDO Toledo [Ed Carlson Memorial Field - South Lewis County Airport], Washington, US
KHTS HTS HTS Huntington [Tri-State/Milton J Ferguson Field], West Virginia, US

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