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Location codes 441-460 of 20250 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PHNY LNY LNY Lanai City [Lanai Airport], Lanai, Hawaii, US
KSBY SBY SBY Salisbury [Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional], Maryland, US
KJZI JZI Charleston [Charleston Exec Airport], South Carolina, US
KCSG CSG CSG Columbus, Georgia, US
KLBL LBL LBL Liberal [Liberal Mid-America Regional], Kansas, US
KPNE PNE PNE Philadelphia [Northeast Philadelphia Airport], Pennsylvania, US
KFFO FFO FFO Dayton [Wright-Patterson AFB], Ohio, US
KFNT FNT FNT Flint [Bishop Intl], Michigan, US
KOLF OLF OLF Wolf Point [L M Clayton Airport], Montana, US
KSEE SEE SEE San Diego/El Cajon [Gillespie Field], California, US
KFNL FNL FNL Fort Collins/Loveland [Northern Colorado Regional], Colorado, US
KDWH DWH DWH Houston [David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport], Texas, US
TJPS PSE PSE Ponce [Mercedita Airport], Puerto Rico, US
KACT ACT ACT Waco [Waco Regional], Texas, US
KCLL CLL CLL College Station [Easterwood Field], Texas, US
KMKY MRK MKY Marco Island [Marco Island Exec Airport], Florida, US
KJST JST JST Johnstown [John Murtha Johnstown/Cambria County Airport], Pennsylvania, US
KSSI SSI SSI St. Simons Island [St. Simons Island Airport], Georgia, US
KNPA NPA NPA Pensacola [NAS Pensacola (Forrest Sherman Field)], Florida, US
KEWB EWB EWB New Bedford [New Bedford Regional], Massachusetts, US

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