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Location codes 421-440 of 20250 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KCFO CFO Denver [Colorado Air and Space Port Airport], Colorado, US
KGCN GCN GCN Grand Canyon [Grand Canyon Ntl Park Airport], Arizona, US
KHLN HLN HLN Helena [Helena Regional], Montana, US
KMBS MBS MBS Saginaw [MBS Intl], Michigan, US
KCRT CRT CRT Crossett [Z M Jack Stell Field], Arkansas, US
KTTS TTS Titusville [NASA Shuttle Landing Facility Airport (John F. Kennedy Space Center)], Florida, US
PHSF BSF BSF Camp Pohakuloa [Bradshaw AAF], Hawaii, Hawaii, US
KMLD MLD MLD Malad City, Idaho, US
KFCM FCM FCM Minneapolis [Flying Cloud Airport], Minnesota, US
KSUT SUT Oak Island [Cape Fear Regional Jetport/Howie Franklin Field], North Carolina, US
KOTH OTH OTH North Bend [Southwest Oregon Regional], Oregon, US
KBTM BTM BTM Butte [Bert Mooney Airport], Montana, US
KAZO AZO AZO Kalamazoo [Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl], Michigan, US
PHMU MUE MUE Kamuela [Waimea-Kohala Airport], Hawaii, Hawaii, US
KRDD RDD RDD Redding [Muni], California, US
KSPI SPI SPI Springfield [Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport], Illinois, US
KCRG CRG CRG Jacksonville [Jacksonville Exec Airport at Craig], Florida, US
KLNN LNN LNN Willoughby [Lake County Exec Airport], Ohio, US
KEDW EDW EDW Edwards [Edwards AFB], California, US
KCDK CDK CDK Cedar Key [George T Lewis Airport], Florida, US

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