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Location codes 421-440 of 20119 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KSVN SVN SVN Savannah [Hunter AAF Airport], Georgia, US
KOSU OSU OSU Columbus [Ohio State University Airport], Ohio, US
KHRL HRL HRL Harlingen [Valley Intl], Texas, US
KEFD EFD EFD Houston [Ellington Field], Texas, US
KJQF USA JQF Concord [Concord-Padgett Regional], North Carolina, US
KOTH OTH OTH North Bend [Southwest Oregon Regional], Oregon, US
KABI ABI ABI Abilene [Abilene Regional], Texas, US
KAHN AHN AHN Athens [Athens/Ben Epps Airport], Georgia, US
KFTK FTK FTK Fort Knox [Godman AAF Airport], Kentucky, US
PAWG WRG WRG Wrangell, Alaska, US
KDWH DWH DWH Houston [David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport], Texas, US
KSCK SCK SCK Stockton [Stockton Metropolitan Airport], California, US
KFAY FAY FAY Fayetteville [Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field], North Carolina, US
KPAM PAM PAM Panama City [Tyndall AFB], Florida, US
KMEI MEI MEI Meridian [Key Field], Mississippi, US
PAFB FBK FBK Fairbanks/Ft Wainwright [Ladd AAF Airport], Alaska, US
KRHV RHV RHV San Josť [Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County], California, US
KCTJ CTJ Carrollton [West Georgia Regional - O V Gray Field], Georgia, US
KTRK TKF TRK Truckee [Truckee-Tahoe Airport], California, US
KPAH PAH PAH Paducah [Barkley Regional], Kentucky, US

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