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Location codes 401-420 of 20119 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KSGU SGU SGU St. George [St. George Regional], Utah, US
KSBY SBY SBY Salisbury [Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional], Maryland, US
KFCM FCM FCM Minneapolis [Flying Cloud Airport], Minnesota, US
KNTU NTU NTU Virginia Beach [NAS Oceana (Apollo Soucek Field)], Virginia, US
HPV HI01 Hanalei [Princeville Airport], Kauai, Hawaii, US
KHDN HDN HDN Hayden [Yampa Valley Airport], Colorado, US
KHYS HYS HYS Hays [Hays Regional], Kansas, US
KUNI ATO UNI Athens/Albany [Ohio University Airport], Ohio, US
KBLM BLM BLM Belmar/Farmingdale [Monmouth Executive Airport], New Jersey, US
KSKF SKF SKF San Antonio [Kelly Field (Lackland AFB], Texas, US
KSGR SGR SGR Houston [Sugar Land Regional], Texas, US
KSUA SUA SUA Stuart [Witham Field], Florida, US
KCIU CIU CIU Sault Ste. Marie [Chippewa County Intl], Michigan, US
KPNE PNE PNE Philadelphia [Northeast Philadelphia Airport], Pennsylvania, US
KGFK GFK GFK Grand Forks [Intl (Mark Andrews Field)], North Dakota, US
KDVL DVL DVL Devils Lake [Devils Lake Regional], North Dakota, US
KHYA HYA HYA Hyannis [Barnstable Muni-Boardman/Polando Field], Massachusetts, US
KHBV HBV Hebbronville [Jim Hogg County Airport], Texas, US
KDMW DMW Westminster [Carroll County Regional/Jack B Poage Field], Maryland, US
PHSF BSF BSF Camp Pohakuloa [Bradshaw AAF], Hawaii, Hawaii, US

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