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Location codes 1-20 of 32 in Uganda:

ICAO  IATA  Location
HUEN EBB Entebbe (Kampala) [Entebbe Intl], Central, UG
OYG Moyo [Moyo Airport], Northern, UG
KHX Kihihi [Savannah Airstrip (Kihihi Airstrip)], Western, UG
HUPA PAF Pakuba [Pakuba Airport], Murchison Falls National Park, Western, UG
HUAR RUA Arua [Arua Airport], Northern, UG
HUMI KCU Masindi [Masindi Airport], Western, UG
HUGU ULU Gulu [Gulu Airport], Northern, UG
HULI Lira [Lira Airport], Northern, UG
HUKB Kabale [Kabale Airport], Western, UG
HUMA MBQ Mbarara [Mbarara Airport (Nyakisharara Intl)], Western, UG
HUKD Lomej [Kidepo Airfield], Northern, UG
HUKS KSE Kasese [Kasese Airport], Western, UG
HUSO SRT Soroti [Soroti Airport], Eastern, UG
HUJI JIN Jinja [Jinja Airport], Eastern, UG
HUTO TRY Tororo [Tororo Airport], Eastern, UG
HUKF KBG Kabalega Falls, Northern, UG
HUAJ Adjumani [Adjumani Airport], Northern, UG
HUMO Moroto [Moroto Airport], Northern, UG
HUFP Fort Portal [Fort Portal Airport], Western, UG
(HUKC) (KLA) Kampala [Kampala Airport (Kololo Airstrip)], Central, UG (Airport is no longer in operation)

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