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Location codes 1-18 of 18 in Tunisia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DTTA TUN Tunis [Carthage Intl], TN
DTMB MIR Monastir [Habib Bourguiba Intl], TN
DTTJ DJE Djerba (Jerba) [Zarzis Intl], TN
DTNH NBE Enfidha [Enfidha-Hammamet Intl (Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Intl)], TN
DTTX SFA Sfax [Thyna Intl], TN
DTTZ TOE Tozeur [Nefta Intl], TN
DTKA TBJ Tabarka [An Draham Intl (7 Novembre Intl)], TN
DTTG GAE Gabs [Matmata Intl], TN
DTTB Bizerte [Sidi Ahmed AB], TN
DTTF GAF Gafsa [Ksar Intl], TN
DTTI Borj El Amri [Borj El Amri Airport], TN
DTTK QKN Kairouan, TN
DTTL Kelibia, TN
DTTN Jendouba, TN
DTTD Remada [Remada AB], TN
DT70 Madaniyin, TN
DTTV Tunis [Carthage Airport], TN (Code changed to DTTA)



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