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Location codes 1-18 of 18 in Senegal:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GOBD DSS Dakar (Ndiass, Diass) [Blaise Diagne Intl], Thiès, SN
GOOY DKR Dakar (Yoff) [Léopold Sédar Senghor Intl (Dakar Yoff Intl)], Dakar, SN
GOSS XLS Saint-Louis [Saint-Louis Airport], Saint-Louis, SN
GOGS CSK Cap Skirring [Cap Skirring Airport], Ziguinchor, SN
GOSM MAX Matam [Ouro Sogui Airport], Matam, SN
GOGK KDA Kolda [Saré Bidji Airport (Kolda North Airport)], Kolda, SN
GOTB BXE Bakel [Bakel Airport], Tambacounda, SN
GOOK KLC Kaolack [Kaolack Airport], Kaolack, SN
GOSR RDT Richard Toll [Richard Toll Airport], Saint-Louis, SN
GOSP POD Podor [Podor Airport], Saint-Louis, SN
GOTK KGG Kédougou [Kédougou Airport], Kédougou, SN
NIK Niokolo-Koba, Tambacounda, SN
GOGG ZIG Ziguinchor [Ziguinchor Airport], Ziguinchor, SN
GOTS SMY Simenti [Simenti Airport], Tambacounda, SN
GOTT TUD Tambacounda [Tambacounda Airport], Tambacounda, SN
GOOG Linguère [Linguère Airport], Louga, SN
GOOD Diourbel, Diourbel, SN
GO66 Dodji, Louga, SN



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