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Location codes 21-31 of 31 in Sudan:

ICAO  IATA  Location
HSCG Carthago, Red Sea, SD
HSND Shendi, River Nile, SD
HSGG DNX Dinder [Galegu], Sennar, SD
HSLI KDX Kadugli (Kaduqli) [Kadugli Airport], South Kordofan, SD
HSKI KST Kosti, White Nile, SD
HSKN Sifeiya (Rabak) [Kenana Airstrip], White Nile, SD
HSNR Sennar, Sennar, SD
HSZA Zalingei [Zalingei Airport], Central Darfur, SD
HSDL Dilling, South Kordofan, SD
HSDM Dueim, SD
HSLR Urangu, SD

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