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Location codes 121-132 of 132 in Philippines:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RP16 Basilan [Seahawk Lz], Basilan Island, PH
RP12 Pagbilao Grande Island, PH
RP15 Pasar, Leyte Island, PH
(RPVB) (BCD) Bacolod [Bacolod Domestic Airport], Negros Occidental, PH (Airport is no longer in operation)
RP13 Nonoc, Nonoc Island, PH
RP17 Malita, Mindanao Island, PH
RPAF Manila [Nichols AB], PH (Code changed to RPLL)
RPLW Poro Point [Wallace Air Station], La Union, PH (Code changed to RPUS)
RPVT Tagbilaran [Tagbilaran Airport], Bohol, PH (Code changed to RPVT.OLD)
RPLN Palanan, PH
RPLQ Tarlac, PH
RPVN Medellin, PH

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