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Location codes 21-40 of 120 in Philippines:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RPLH LLC Lal-lo [Cagayan North Intl (Lal-lo Intl)], Cagayan, PH
RPVW Borongan, Samar Island, PH
RPMU CDY Mapun [Cagayan de Sulu], Tawi-Tawi, PH
RPMO OZC Ozamis City [Labo], Mindanao Island, PH
RPUS SFE San Fernando, PH
RPMN SGS Bongao [Sanga-Sanga (Tawi-Tawi)], PH
RPVB BCD Bacolod, PH
RPUB BAG Baguio City [Loakan Airport], PH
RPVS EUQ San Jose de Buenavista [Evelio Javier (Antique)], Antique, PH
RPLP LGP Legazpi (Legaspi), PH
RPVV USU Busuanga [Francisco B. Reyes Airport], Palawan, PH
RPVT TAG Tagbilaran [Tagbilaran Airport], Bohol, PH
RPPN Thitu Island (Pagasa) [Rancudo Airfield], Spratly Islands, Palawan, PH
RPLU LBX Lubang, Lubang Island, PH
RPUH SJI San Josť [McGuire Field], PH
RPLO CYU Cuyo [Cuyo Principal Airport], Palawan, PH
RPUT TUG Tuguegarao, PH
ENI El Nido, PH
RPUQ Vigan, Luzon Island, PH
RPUR BQA Baler, Luzon Island, PH

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