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Location codes 101-120 of 377 in Papua-New Guinea:

ICAO  IATA  Location
AYWD WBM Wapenamanda, Enga, PG
AYAK AIH Aiambak [Aiambak Airport], Western, PG
AYKI UNG Kiunga, Western, PG
AYCG CGC Cape Gloucester [Cape Gloucester Airport], West New Britain, PG
KOM Komo-Manda, Southern Highlands, PG
WEP Weam, Western, PG
GAZ Guasopa, Milne Bay, PG
NOO Naoro, Central, PG
AYBU BUL Bulolo [Bulolo Airport], Morobe, PG
AYAG AUP Agaun [Agaun Airport], Milne Bay, PG
AYHG HEO Haelogo [Haelogo Airport], Central, PG
AYIA IIS Nissan Island [Nissan Island Airport], Bougainville, PG
VIV Vivigani, Goodenough Island, Milne Bay, PG
SMJ Sim, Morobe, PG
SAM Salamo, Milne Bay, PG
AMF Ama, East Sepik, PG
UUU Manumu, Central, PG
NWT Nowata, Milne Bay, PG
UMC Umba, Morobe, PG
TUT Tauta, Madang, PG

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