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Location codes 81-100 of 377 in Papua-New Guinea:

ICAO  IATA  Location
AYSU SKC Suki [Suki Airport], Western, PG
AYKO KKD Kokoda [Kokoda Airport], Northern, PG
APP Asapa, Northern, PG
AYMN MDU Mendi, Southern Highlands, PG
AYNX ATN Namatanai [Namatanai Airport], New Ireland, PG
BWP Bewani, Sandaun, PG
AYIH IHU Ihu, Gulf, PG
AYMR MXH Moro, Southern Highlands, PG
AYWT WTP Woitape [Woitape Airport], Central, PG
NPG Nipa, Southern Highlands, PG
AYKM KMA Kerema, Gulf, PG
AYZN SIZ Sissano [Sissano Airport], Sandaun, PG
TBA Tabibuga, Western Highlands, PG
KUQ Kuri, Gulf, PG
KQL Kol, Western Highlands, PG
AYTU TFI Tufi [Tufi Airport], Northern, PG
OTY Oria, Bougainville, PG
SIM Simbai, Western Highlands, PG
KUP Kupiano, Central, PG
AYTB TBG Tabubil, Western, PG

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