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Location codes 61-80 of 377 in Papua-New Guinea:

ICAO  IATA  Location
AYTI TPI Tapini [Tapini Airport], Central, PG
KBM Kabwum, Morobe, PG
AYKQ KGW Kagi [Kagi Airport], Central, PG
AYDU DAU Daru, Western, PG
TON Tonu, Bougainville, PG
ATP Aitape [Airstrip], Sandaun, PG
BNV Boana, Morobe, PG
BWJ Bawan, Morobe, PG
UBI Buin, Bougainville, PG
AYEF EFG Efogi [Efogi Airport], Central, PG
AYGA GKA Goroka, Eastern Highlands, PG
AYOB OBX Obo [Obo Airport], Western, PG
KSP Kosipe, Central, PG
KOR Kokoro, Gulf, PG
SWE Siwea, Morobe, PG
AYGP GAP Gusap [Gusap Airport], Morobe, PG
KRX Kar Kar, Madang, PG
BMZ Bamu, Western, PG
BCP Bambu, Madang, PG
MPU Mapua, New Ireland, PG

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