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Location codes 1-20 of 56 in Panamá:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MPTO PTY Panamá City [Tocumen Intl (General Omar Torrijos Intl)], Panamá, PA
MPMG PAC Panamá City [Paitilla-Marcos A. Gelabert], Panamá, PA
MPSA SYP Santiago de Veraguas [Ruben Cantu Airport], Veraguas, PA
MPDA DAV David [Enrique Malek Intl], Chiriquí, PA
MPPA BLB Balboa [Panamá Pacifico Intl (Howard AFB)], Panamá, PA
MPBO BOC Bocas del Toro [Bocas del Toro "Isla Colón" Intl], Bocas del Toro, PA
MPSM RIH Río Hato [Scarlett Martinez Intl (Río Hato Intl)], Coclé, PA
MPEJ ONX Colón [Enrique Adolfo Jimenez], Colón, PA
MPPI BFQ Puerto Piña [Bahía Piña Airport], Darién, PA
MPCH CHX Changuinola [Captain Manuel Nino Intl], Bocas del Toro, PA
MPLP PLP La Palma [Captain Ramon Xatruch], Darién, PA
SFW Santa Fé, Veraguas, PA
SIC San José Island [San José Island Airport], Panamá, PA
MPJE JQE Jaqué, Darién, PA
PYC Playón Chico (Ukupseni), Kuna Yala, PA
CTE Cartí (Cartí Sugtupu) [Cartí Airport], Cartí Islands, Kuna Yala, PA
CZJ Corazon de Jesus, Kuna Yala, PA
MPCO El Trapiche [Coiba Airport], Isla de Coiba, Veraguas, PA
MPVR PVE El Porvenir, Kuna Yala, PA
MPWN NBL Wannukandi [San Blas], Kuna Yala, PA

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