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Location codes 1-20 of 29 in Oman:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OOMS MCT Muscat [Muscat Intl (Seeb Intl)], OM
OOSA SLL Salalah [Salalah Intl], OM
BYB Dibba al-Bayah (Diba al-Bayah) [Dibba al-Bayah Airport], OM
OOFQ Nizwa [Firq AB (Nizwa Airport)], OM
OOTH TTH Thumrait [RAFO Thumrait (Thumrait AB)], OM
OOSH OHS Sohar (Majis), OM
OOFD FAU Fahud [Fahud Airport], OM
OODQ DQM Duqm [Duqm Intl (Duqm Jaaluni Airport)], OM
OOGB RNM Ghaba Qarn Alam [Qarn Alam Airport], OM
OOMA MSH Masirah Island [RAFO Masirah], OM
OOBB Ramlat Bu Tubul [Butabul Airport], OM
OOMX OMM Marmul [Marmul Airport], OM
OOLK LKW Lekhwair [Lekhwair Airport], OM
OORQ MNH Musanaa [Rustaq Airport (Rostaq Airport)], OM
OOSQ Saiq [Saiq Airport], OM
OOBR RMB Buraimi, OM
OOIZ Izki [Izki AB (Izki Airport)], OM
OOHA Haima [Haima Airport], OM

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