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Location codes 201-218 of 218 in New Zealand:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NZOR Ohura, NZ
NZOT Westpoint, NZ
NZPR Downtown, NZ
NZPT Petone, NZ
NZPW Porirua Harbour, NZ
NZRD Miranda, NZ
NZRY Mount Mary, NZ
NZSJ Kensington Park, NZ
NZSO Marlborough Sounds, NZ
NZSW Swampy, NZ
NZSY Surrey, NZ
NZTX Lake Te Anau, NZ
NZTY Titahi Bay, NZ
NZWA Chatham Is Waitangi, NZ
NZWC Waimea Estuary Nelson, NZ
NZWI Waiuku, NZ
NZYK Monterey Park, NZ

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