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Location codes 21-38 of 38 in Nigeria:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PHG Port Harcourt [Port Harcourt NAF Base (Port Harcourt City Airport)], Rivers, NG
DNKT DKA DN57 Katsina [Katsina Airport (Umaru Musa Yar'adua Airport)], Katsina, NG
DNMK MDI Makurdi [Makurdi Airport (Makurdi AFB)], Benue, NG
DNBA BCU Bauchi (Durum) [Bauchi State Intl (Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport)], Bauchi, NG
DNBK Birmin Kebbi [Birmin Kebbi Intl (Sir Ahmadu Bello Intl)], Kebbi, NG
DNIL ILR Ilorin [Ilorin Airport], Kwara, NG
DNGO GMO Gombe (Lawanti) [Gombe Lawanti Intl], Gombe, NG
DNGU QUS Gusau [Gusau Airstrip], Zamfara, NG
DNEK DN55 Eket [Eket Airstrip], Akwa Ibom, NG
DNBI Bida [Bida Airstrip], Niger, NG
DNES DN56 Escravos [Escravos Airstrip], Delta, NG
DNOS Oshogbo, Osun, NG
DNJA Jalingo [Jalingo Airport], Taraba, NG
(DNBA) (BCU) Bauchi [Bauchi Airport], Bauchi, NG (Airport is no longer in operation)
DN53 Kaduna [Kaduna Old], Kaduna, NG
DN54 Bajoga [Bajoga Northeast], Gombe, NG
DN51 Ajaokuta, Kogi, NG
DN50 Shiroro, Niger, NG

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