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Location codes 21-40 of 144 in Namibia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FYKB KAS Karasburg [Karasburg Airport], Karas, NA
FYTE TCY Terrace Bay [Terrace Bay Airport], NA
FYGB GOG Gobabis, Omaheke, NA
FYHI HAL Halali [Halali Airport], Oshikoto, NA
FYRC Ruacana, NA
FYOS OHI Oshakati [Oshakati Airport], Oshana, NA
FYNA NNI Namutoni [Namutoni Airport], Oshikoto, NA
FYOO OKF Okaukuejo [Okaukuejo Airport], Oshana, NA
FYOW OTJ Otjiwarongo, NA
FYBC Bethanien [Bethanien Airport], Karas, NA
FYRP Rosh Pinah, NA
FYMH Maltahohe [Maltahohe Airport], Hardap, NA
FYML Mariental, NA
FYOJ Outjo, NA
FYKA Karibib, NA
FYKJ Kamanjab, NA
ZSZ Swakopmund [Railway Station], NA
FYOU Operet, NA
FYEN Eenhana, NA
FYTK Tsumkwe, NA

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