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Location codes 61-80 of 95 in Malaysia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WBKG KGU Keningau, Sabah, MY
WBKO SPE Sepulot, Sabah, MY
WBGU LSU Long Sukang, Sarawak, MY
WMAN Sungai Tiang, Penang, MY
SXT Taman Negara, Penang, MY
WBGE Long Geng, Sarawak, MY
LBP WB01 Long Banga, Sarawak, MY
WMAJ Jenderata (Jendarata), Perak, MY
WMAC Benta, Penang, MY
WMBF Ulu Bernam, Perak, MY
WMBH Kroh, Perak, MY
WMAD Bentong, Penang, MY
WMLH Lumut, Perak, MY
WMBE Temerloh, Penang, MY
WMAV Muar [Bakri], Johor, MY
ZLW Pasir Gudang [Pasir Gudang Port], Johor, MY
WMAP Kluang, Johor, MY
WMAH Grik, Perak, MY
WMLU Lutong, Sarawak, MY
MZS Mostyn, Sabah, MY

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