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Location codes 1-20 of 38 in Mali:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GABS BKO Bamako [Modibo Keita Intl (Bamako Sénou Intl)], Bamako, ML
GAKY KYS Kayes [Dag Dag], Kayes, ML
GAGO GAQ Gao [Intl (Korogoussou Airport)], Gao, ML
GANK NRM Nara [Keibane], Bamako, ML
GANR NIX Nioro du Sahel, Kayes, ML
GATB TOM Tombouctou (Timbuktu), Gao, ML
GAMB MZI Mopti Ambodedjo [Sevare AB], Mopti, ML
GAKM Ke-Macina, Ségou, ML
GAKL Kidal [Kidal Airport], Gao, ML
GAKD Kayes Dag [Dag Airport], Kayes, ML
GASK KSS Sikasso, Sikasso, ML
GADA Dioila, Bamako, ML
GASO Sikasso [Dignangan Airport], Sikasso, ML
GABR Bourem [Bourem Airport], Gao, ML
GASG SZU Segou, Ségou, ML
GAKN Kolokani [Kolokani Airport], Bamako, ML
GAKO KTX Koutiala [Koutiala Airport], Sikasso, ML
GAKA KNZ Kéniéba, Kayes, ML
GAKT Kita [Kita Airport], Kayes, ML
GAGM GUD Goundam, Gao, ML

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