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Location codes 21-40 of 73 in Madagascar:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FMSV BKU Betioky [Betioky Airport], MG
FMNE AMB Ambilobe, MG
FMSM MNJ Mananjary, MG
FMNK Andrakaka Navy, MG
FMSL OVA Bekily [Bekily Airport], MG
FMNQ BPY Besalampy, MG
FMSK WVK Manakara, MG
FMSG RVA Farafangana, MG
FMSY AMP Ampanihy, MG
FMSR MXM Morombe, MG
FMSF WFI Fianarantsoa, MG
FMNO DWB Soalala, MG
FMNV VOH Vohimarina (Vohemar), MG
FMNW WAI Antsohihy [Ambalabe], MG
FMSZ WAK Ankazoabo, MG
FMME ATJ Antsirabe, MG
FMSB WBO Beroroha [Antsoa Airport], MG
FMMB AMY Ambatomainty [Ambatomainty Airport], MG
FMMH VVB Mahanoro [Mahanoro Airport], MG

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