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Location codes 1-20 of 40 in Lithuania:

ICAO  IATA  Location
EYVI VNO Vilnius [Intl], LT
EYKA KUN Kaunas [Intl], LT
EYPA PLQ Palanga (Klaipéda) [Intl], LT
EYSA SQQ Siauliai [Intl], LT
EYKS Kaunas [S. Dariaus and S. Girenas Airport (Aleksotas Airport)], LT
EYKR Kazly Ruda [Kazly Ruda AB], LT
EYPR Pociunai (Kaunas, Prienai) [Pociunai Airport], LT
EYVP Paluknys (Vilnius) [Paluknys Airport], LT
EYVK Kyviskes (Vilnius) [Kyviskes Airfield], LT
EYKL KLJ Klaipéda, LT
EYKD Kedainiai [Kedainiai Airport], LT
EYSB HLJ Barysiai (Meskuiciai, Shauliaj), LT
EYRO Rujunai [Rujunai Airport], LT
EYPP PNV Panevezys (Pajuostis) [Panevezys AB], LT
EYRU Rukla [Rukla Airport], LT
XJK Klaipéda (Palanga), LT
EYKG Kaunas [Kaunas/Gamykla Airport], LT
EYSE Seduva (Siauliai) [Seduva Airport], LT
EYKT Kartena (Klaipéda) [Kartena Airport], LT
EYPI Panevezys (Istra) [Panevezys/Istra Airport], LT

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