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Location codes 21-35 of 35 in Kazakhstan:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UAAH BXH Balkhash (Balqash) [Balkhash Airport], Qaraghandy, KZ
UAOL BXY Baykonur [Krayniy Airfield (Tyuratam Airfield)], Baikonur, KZ
UASZ SZI Zaisan (Zaysan) [Zaisan Airport], Shyghys Qazaqstan, KZ
UASU UZR Urdzhar [Urdzhar Airport], Shyghys Qazaqstan, KZ
UASB EKB Ekibastuz [Ekibastuz Airport], Pavlodar, KZ
UASA Ayaguz, Shyghys Qazaqstan, KZ
UAUR AYK Arkalyk [Arkalyk Airport], Qostanay, KZ
ATX Atbasar [Atbasar Airport], Aqmola, KZ
UATA Aralsk (Aral'sk), Qyzylorda, KZ
UA35 Petropavlovsk South, Soltüstik Qazaqstan, KZ
UA34 Chardara, Ongtüstik Qazaqstan, KZ
GC0015 Baikonur (Tyuratam) [Baikonur Cosmodrome], Baikonur, KZ
UA36 Lugovoy, Zhambyl, KZ
UA32 Kokchetav Trofimovka, Aqmola, KZ
UA33 Arkalyk [Arkalyk North Airport], Qostanay, KZ

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