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Location codes 41-60 of 407 in Republic of Korea (South Korea):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RKRA Ganapri [G 222], KR
RKUY Yongcheon [G 801], KR
JGE Geoje, KR
RKRK Ga Pyeong [G 213], KR
RKSE Paekryoungdo Beach, KR
RKPE CHF Chinhae, KR
RKSX Camp Stanley [H 207 Heliport], KR
RKJO Yong Jung-Ri, KR
RKSY Yongsan [H 208 Heliport], KR
RKNN KAG Kangnung, KR
RKTW Woong Cheon, KR
RKGA R-510, KR
RKTM RK6E Mangilsan [Mangilsan Heliport], KR
RKSP Paengnyongdo [KAFB], KR
RKTS Sangju, KR
RK15 Ji Po Ri [G 237], KR
RK75 Roka 5TH Div [C 254 Heliport], KR
RK02 Madison Vhf Site [H 200 Heliport], KR

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