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Location codes 381-400 of 407 in Republic of Korea (South Korea):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RK5M Roka 35TH Div [C 719 Heliport], KR
RK5Q Second Military District Commander [C 816 Heliport], KR
RK4U Tac Site 1A [H 704 Heliport], KR
RK4C Tac Site 3 [C 510 Heliport], KR
RK1E Tac Site 34 [C 109 Heliport], KR
RK4F Tac Site 4 [C 514 Heliport], KR
RK5F Tac Site 44 [C 708 Heliport], KR
RK4N Tac Site 5 [C 523 Heliport], KR
RK5E Tac Site 6 [C 702 Heliport], KR
RK2Y Topyonri [C 265 Heliport], KR
RK4T Uisang Bong Heliport, KR
RK6F Yongmun San Heliport, KR
RKJA Chonnam, KR
RKJG Gochang, KR
RKMA Hyouunrhi, KR
RKMB Hongchon, KR
RKMH Hwachon, KR
RKMS Sinbuk, KR
RKMY Sonyang, KR
RKNI Injae, KR

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