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Location codes 21-40 of 407 in Republic of Korea (South Korea):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RKPU USN Ulsan [Ulsan Airport], KR
RKRN I Cheon [G 510], KR
RKTP Seosan [Seosan AB (K-76)], KR
RKSW SWU Su Won City, KR
RKJJ KWJ Gwangju (Kwangju), KR
RKTI Chungju [Jungwon AB (Choongwon AB, K-75 AB)], KR
RKPP K 9 [Pusan Heliport], KR
RKSU Yeoju Range, KR
RKRS Susaek [G-113], KR
RKTE Seongmu [Seongmu Airport (K-60)], KR
RKNC QUN Chun Chon City [A-306], KR
RKSG Pyeongtaek (Desiderio AAF) [A 511], KR
RKTH KPO Pohang [Pohang Airport], KR
RKRO Pocheon [G 217], KR
RKTG RK57 Camp Walker [H 805 Heliport], KR
RKRG Yang Pyeong [G 301], KR
RKUL Nonsan [G 536], KR
RKUC Jochiwon [G 505], KR

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